As part of our credit program here at Credit Repair Nerds, re-establishing your credit is key to the credit process. While we are doing our due diligence to remove your derogatory accounts from falsely being reported, you need to focus on establishing new lines of credit. Please click on the banner. Once you have clicked the banner, it will re-direct you to their website. These will be your beginner rebuilding type credit cards. After you are approved for those credit cards, you need to allow the card to report on your credit report. (30-45 days). We always recommend at least 3 credit cards minimum for any client. Once your first two credit cards have reported, we’ll consult you on your 3rd card. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. 866-BAD-CRDT.

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The biggest part of rebuilding your credit is to re-establish your revolving accounts. (Credit Cards). To the left is the Down2Shop Credit Card. $1500 to $6500 are the usual credit limits. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to call us at 866-223-2738.


Please click on the banner to the left to get approved for up to $7500 for a Jewelers Club Credit account. This is a great line of credit to help re-establish your credit. They approve everyone as long as you have a 540 and higher credit score. Credit Limit will be based on income.