Why Us and Nobody Else:

1. Our results are permanent. Once a derogatory account is removed, it will NEVER report back at a later date.

2. Our results. Click on the Before/After score results. We don't play.

3. Eveything is tracked. And we mean EVERYTHING. We know what is going on with your credit report before you do.

4. No, we don't send out dispute letters. That's so like a decade ago. It's 2016. We use technology now.

5. No, we don't need any result letters that are sent to you by the credit bureuas. Why is that? As mentioned above. We track everything. We don't need any correspondance from the bureaus. We are synced directly to the bureaus in real time. We get alerted way before you get alerted.

6. Double money back refund policy. If you sign up for our $699 plan and we don't produce, then we'll refund you $699 x 2.

7. Customer service. We are THE only company that has a customer service phone app. Once you sign up with us, you'll receive an invite to our app. Customer service reps are there for you to answer any questions you may have.

8. Join us. Once we have taken care of your credit and proved to you that we produce the results we say that we will produce, you might as well earn some extra money doing credit repair. You'll learn from us and you'll run our system in your market.